One Footer in the Grave

With one foot in the door of their retirement home for senior web designers, Paul Boag, Andy Clarke, Jon Hicks, and Marcus Lillington get together once a month to distract each other from everyday life and work.

The show’s funny and frivolous and the chaps have a genuinely unique chemistry and will entertain you if you work on the web and even if you don’t.

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12: Roasted Chestnuts with the Dreamtime Electric Blanket

The intention was that this would be our Festive episode. Like the doddering old farts that we are, we get there eventually, but only once we've finished discussing Andy's fancy new blanket.

11: A thing for Bouvier des Flandres

In this delayed-release episode (recorded in May 2023), the chaps talk about Paul and Andy's joint seven week adventure in Recreation Vehicles around the United States of America earlier in the year. Did they fight or fall out? Or did they get along just fine in a way that doesn't make very entertaining listening? Paul also gets to witness a 'Malarkey Regeneration' first hand!

10: AI talks to my wife

It’s a new year, the year of artificial things. In this episode, the four chaps talk about artificial intelligence and artificial hips. Andy has a (painful) bone to pick with Paul but all he got in response was an AI-written apology. Finally, the talk Mastodon and why it’s better than Twitter.

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The chaps

Paul Boag

Paul advises on every area of digital transformation and user experience. He’s written six books on topics such as conversion rate optimisation and digital transformation.


Andy Clarke

Andy’s a well-known web designer who’s written several popular books on art direction and website design including Transcending CSS, Hardboiled Web Design, and Art Direction for the Web.


Jon Hicks

Jon’s a gentleman graphic artist who wears many hats. He’s most known for his logo work for Firefox, MailChimp and Shopify, but his skills cover a much broader spectrum.


Marcus Lillington

Marcus is a former pop-star who now runs the design agency Headscape and consults with their clients on business analysis, UX design, and content strategy.